Friday, 29 February 2008


My dh never takes flattering pics of me! But I have to say this one makes me laugh. You must be wondering what I was doing... well, the last walk of our 3-day break in Ullapool was along the banks of the Kirkaig River not far from Lochinver. We set off in sunshine and got caught in a rain/sleet/wind storm. The path was wet when we walked up it, but when we came back we may as well have been walking in a stream, so wherever the water headed for the river, I helped it by channelling (with my stick) a deep groove to hasten the water on its way from the path to the river.
The delightful orange garment is my emergency poncho - purchased the day before for a mere £2. No, I am not peculiarly formed. The poncho covers head, body, arms and haversack as well.

We had a great time, and I'll reveal more photos over the next few days.

We stayed at the Caledonian on Quay Street. I booked an Easy-break online, and we got dinner, bed and breakfast for £41 per night, for three nights. That's not per person, as it usually is in the UK. An amazing price.
£20.50 each! The only thing we could complain about was that try as we might we niether of us could get hot water out of the shower. Since there was a full size bath, we had hot baths instead.

We had a great drive up with the roads all to ourselves. Left home at nine, arrived 4.30. We found the CAl-Mac ferry tied up at the landing as the wind was too high to allow it to sail to Stornoway.
Because the ferry didn't sail that day, or that night, Ullapool was crammed with juggernauts. All the big trucks that take groceries, furniture, you-name-it-they'll-take-it from the mainland to Lewis and Harris were chugging up the hill outside the hotel from 2am on, all expecting to get the 6am ferry. It didn't sail then, either. The hotel was full. People had to find a bed for the night, or sleep in their cars - not a pleasant prospect in February with the wind howling through the streets, the rain slanting down and the temperature about 4.5C.

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