Monday, 2 July 2007


I have to admit I've not made a great deal of progress as I allowed myself to be sidetracked bu all sorts of things including a long walk by the river with Mishka (see above)

She belongs to the daughter of a friend but every now and then I get to enjoy her company, plus some much needed exercise.

I've cut almost 20k from the Rimrock Caper and renamed it Mountain Madness, so I haven't been totally idle! It wasn't as difficult as I imagined to cut the words, either. I may still trim some more.

Currently I'm reading an online workshop headed up by Michelle Styles who writes for HM&B. I think I shall learn a lot about category romance there. Evidently she is scheduled for each day this week - an opportunity not to be missed. If you come to it late, I expect you'll still be able to read the whole thing. I shall be driving down to Leicester on Friday morning to attend the RNA's national conference 2007, so I'll have to catch up on the last day myself.

I'm watching the news anxiously with that trip in mind. Floods have devastated the midlands and while I sympathise deeply with the people who are caught up in it, I hope I won't hit any deviations as I drive south. Rain is still forecast for the most of the UK, so it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that I shall end up lost. I shall take husband's tom-tom and hope that sees me through!

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