Magician's Bride


Gisla may have escaped the clutches of the evil magician, but can she continue to evade Karli Olafsson's demands?  Without father or brothers to help her, she turns to a handsome young stranger who doesn't believe in magic. His name is Olli...

This exciting story is set in Ireland and Scotland in AD 1046, a decade after Far After Gold. Several familiar characters from the earlier novel appear in this tale of obsession and trickery but the story is essentially that of Gisla and Olli.

This book had a brief life on Kindle as Viking Magic, but I was not happy with the heroine so I withdrew it and re-wrote it from beginning to end. Initially I thought Gisla's actions would speak for themselves, but I began to see that she needed to speak to the reader, share her thoughts and feelings - so now she does. The story itself has been expanded and certainly benefited from the re-write. Read and enjoy!

Orchard Hill Books

Price £1.98 and $2.99


Unknown said...

Hi Jen.

I have just found out that this book is a continuation of Far After Gold!
But for some reason the link isn't working on Amazon?

Also is there anywhere i can buy Far After Gold on paper back?

Jen Black said...

Stacey - Viking Magic takes place about ten years after Far After Gold. I withdrew the e-book a week ago for reasons which will be clear in the recent blog post.
There is no paperback of the current e-book version of Far After Gold. It was originally published in paperback in 2009, the publisher folded, and I re-edited and published it via Kindle. I don't know why Amazon publicises the paperback, and I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe one day I'll do a new version through Createspace!
Sorry if this disappoints - why not try my latest - Abduction of the Scots Queen - that one is available as a paperback and e-book!