Rory and Melissa anticipate a holiday in which their new romance may or may not develop into something that will last. Melissa refuses to share secrets of her early life, fearing that they will destroy the new relationship. 

Rory grows impatient with her claims of ghosts. She turns to Christophe, the enigmatic French neighbour, for information on the past history of the place. The ghosts begin to take a grip on the mill, Christophe falls for Melissa and Rory is violently jealous. 

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Shadows was originally published with an American e-publisher who has since gone into liquidation. I  added a few thousand words of story and then loaded it as a Kindle title. This is my only venture into contemporary stories, and was inspired by the place where I spend so many happy summer holidays in France. The old mill actually exists - without ghosts! - and many times we arrived there in a yellow sports car.

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