Fair Border Bride

When Harry Wharton falls for Alina Carnaby, he is unknowingly caught up in the feuds of sixteenth century Border life. Alina's father threatens to kill him because he belongs to the hated Scott family. He only escapes with the help of the humble guard captain, Matho Spirston, but their problems have only just begun. Alina prays Harry will return and claim her as his bride before she is forced to marry a neighbour's son. 

An exciting historical romance interwoven with exploits of the rustlers, outlaws and gangsters who terrorized the Anglo-Scottish frontier in Tudor days.

Full of wry border humour, this book introduces Aydon's Guard Captain, Matho Spirston, the hero of ABDUCTION OF THE SCOTS QUEEN and QUEEN'S COURIER, now available on Kindle and in paperback.

Amazon UK: here   £1.031.48

Amazon USA: here  $1.99

(Fair Border Bride was originally published in paperback as Til the Day Go Down. When the publisher closed I re-edited it, gave it a new title and published on Kindle.) 

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