First Day

Our first full day at the mill was hot and sunny, and in spite of promising ourselves a quiet day after the long two day journey cooped up in the car, what do you think we did? DH got out the mini tractor and began cutting the grass while I unpacked and gave Tim several walks around the fields. I got involved in rescuing plant pots hidden in the long grass then divesting them of the slugs and snails that infested them. Both creatures are so much bigger than than the ones in my garden back home!

Then Tim ran over what turned out to be the base of a broken bottle in the long grass around the end of the mill pound. We only really noticed he was hurt when we got back to the bolly and saw he left a trail of wet red footprints with every step. .So then it was a case of holding his paw firm and tight (no evidence of glass in the paw) and try to stop the bleeding. For the rest of the day he went around with a gents hankie bound around the pad and a sock bound over to keep it in place.

The bandage lasted until this morning, when he greeted me at the side of the bed with this bundle flopping about at the end of his paw. When we got a look at it, the wound is clean and no sign of bleeding. The thing is now to try and keep him out of the muck and gravel. More easily said  than done.


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