Thursday, 15 August 2013

Agents and autumn

AGENT HUNTER is a new website which claims to help writers find agents. A database of all UK literary agents, it will be regularly updated, and offers facilities for sorting the information to your own personal taste. It is the creation of The Writers’ Workshop, which as many of you will know, is an editorial consultancy for new writers. They also run the Festival of Writing in York. The website offers a free trial, and there is a registration fee of £12. Here's the link:

Today I need a dentist, so my creative levels may well be low. Unhappily my dentist is at home today because she cannot get child support on a Thursday. (School holidays play havoc with normal life!) She runs a one-person surgery, so that means waiting until tomorrow. I may well lose a pound or two, since eating is painful. A cap has flipped off, leaving the crumbling wreck of a tooth with jagged edges that slice into my tongue whenever I move it. Have you ever tried eating without moving your tongue? It cannot be done.

 I shall walk the dog by the riverside, pick some more blackberries - and what a good year for blackberries this seems to be - have soup through a straw for lunch, and settled down to an afternoon of reading over my first three chapters in print out format. When I'm out with Tim, I notice the tree are laden with berries, and hints of autumn are everywhere. Thistles are blooming, fruits are forming and show at all stages from brilliant green to deepest orange and purple. The long grass down by the river was cut last week, taken for hay, I suspect, and now the tunnels towering over Tim have vanished. He doesn't know what to make of it!


Ursula Thompson said...

Fall is already coming to Michigan, too. The ferns are changing colors, and the nights are really chilly.
In regards to your picture, for the life of me I can't think of the English name for that fruit, only the German one (which is strange, since I haven't spoken German in years and years!) I remember, however, that as kids we used to crack those little things open and put the seeds in it down another kid's back - same as itching powder! Am I thinking of the right fruit?

Jen Black said...

The hawthorn berries are haws, and roses produce hips. Different roses have different sized and shaped hips, but these were growing on the bush that produced the white rose I photographed a few entries back.