A Big Day Tomorrow

Short entry today as we're driving down to Carmarthen area to visit puppy and hoping to bring him home. Don't ask me why puppies for sale much closer to home didn't appeal and this one did, for I don't know. I saw his picture and couldn't get him out of my thoughts. We've spent the day wondering where he'll fit in (though we've got a fairly large house for two people, there seems no corner that jumps up and down and shouts put dog basket Here!) DH is more panicked about puppy peeing in car on 320 mile journey home. Does he already answer to Timmie? (Puppy, not DH) Seems a bit girlish for a dog, but Tim sounds better. Then there's vaccinations and boosters and puppy food - no wonder the other people cried off. I'm wondering if I should rush to pet shop and buy collar and lead - we'll be nervous wrecks soon.

I've forgotten how big (or small) three-month-old puppies are. Will he manage the back door step? the stairs should be out of bounds. I've swept the kitchen floor so there are no intriguing bits for him to eat. At least our garden is enclosed and he won't be able to get out unless he digs a tunnel under the fence. Will I still be smiling when he cries in the night, or wakes me up at five in the morning? Of course I will. I've waited a long time for this.


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