Blog-hopping pays off

I was blog-hopping this morning and fell into Julie Cohen's blog and found this:
To write a bigger book, I don’t need MORE of EVERYTHING. In fact, I don’t need much more of anything. What I need instead, is to go more deeply and with more complexity into what I already have.
KISS. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

That really rang a bell for me. I sat up straight in my chair and read it again, and then again. Yes, I thought, this is where I'm going wrong with Daisy. I got so anxious to finish her story off and go on to something else that I didn't take the time to think the ending through and make it believeable. So, I've got myself into a total confusion with it. Time off is necessary, I think, and then to come back to it with a cool head and an analytical mind.
How good that the tennis season is upon us and I have ample opportunity to amuse myself watching Rafa and Roger slug it out again!


AnneMarie Brear said…
This is so true. My first draft is usually a certain length and the second edit always ends up with more words add.
Blog-hopping paid off for me too...I found yours!

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