Thursday, 5 June 2008


Here's a blatant bit of self-promotion before I finally depart for France!
Checkout the interview at :
I thought I'd written so much, yet it looks so brief!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Alpha males and tennis

Not long to go now and then it is holiday time! In between washing/ironing/packing stints I've been watching the Tennis Open in Paris and ogling - I can't deny it - ogling is the word - the beautiful young people who play. How fit they are! How determined to suceed. How easy the winners make it look, and how hard it seems from the loser's point of view.

I wonder if I'll be able to catch any of the semi or the final at the weekend? Less than likely, since the place we go to has no tv, and though I threaten to do so, I doubt I'll really stand outside a tv shop window in the hope that tennis will be shown! There are many alpha males on display in the last rounds of any tennis tournament and it makes a fine observatory for a romance writer to watch at her leisure. When matches go on for three and sometimes four hours, there is ample time to take notes, observe snatches of temper, or stoic determination as the case may be. Some of these guys, like Federer and Nadal, are rich alpha males, too. Even better. I did not find Federer attractive when he first appeared on the scene, but he is aging well, seems more elegant now than he did then. Of course, I fell for Nadal the instant I saw him and no one believed I admired him for the quality of his tennis.
Before we know it, Wimbledon will here! Oh joy!

Lost dog!

Sunday 8 th May Slow start to a sunny day with a promise of high temperatures. Bill took Perla out at 7.30 as he has done all this month ...