All went well

Still not a perfect picture, but we've not had any real sun for days. Our old stone sink is now home to many free-swimming tadpoles. I seem to remember from school days that big tadpoles eat little tadpoles which seems sad. This lot don't seem to have any natural predators, so we'll just have to see what happens.

We've had a hectic few days with family but all went smoothly and we've now waved them off to Barcelona. Tomorrow we set off for Cornwall for a day or two and we're hoping for good weather. The forecast for tomorrow is rain all the way down the country - typical. Let's hope we can dodge the showers!

I finished the second draft of my wip. Took out all the unnecessary bits even if I loved them to make room for more drama at the end. Now I think I only need to fiffle with the last chapter, unless my cp takes me to task!


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