Perhaps it was the fresh air, or the visit to Borders Bookshop or just getting out of the house - but I'm almost back to normal.
I bought two books yesterday so perhaps retail therapy had something to do with it, too! Although I know Venetia Murray's book High Society is noted for its inaccuracy I can still learn from it. The other book was for a future writing project but I don't want to dip into it yet, otherwise I'll distract myself and that would never do.

Over the hols I've been editing WsB. Once I got beyond polishing the first three chapters for a submission, I went on to polish the rest! I may still add bibs and bobs as I think of things in reaction to the critique group comments but now I'm back to the HsD - up to Chapter 8 and thinking about a duel.

I've just finished reading the Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick. The last few chapters moved me to tears and I recommend both it and its predecessor The Greatest Knight. On a visit to the library I picked up Barbara Erskine's Daughters of Fire, and Ian Rankin's Exit Music, plus a Nora Roberts (The Calhouns) I may have already read. That's the trouble when an author writes so many books; eventually you can't remember which you've read and which you haven't.

It is blowing a gale here today. We must go out, for dh has purchased a belt sander and must pick it up later. Perhaps we'll drive to the coast, eat fish n' chips at Kristian's and get the sander on the way back. That's if we don't get blown away at some point. All the major bridges are closed because of high winds, so we'll need to remember that when we pick a route.


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