There's a new review site out and they've done my book SHADOWS. I particularly like the last couple of lines! See below!

The link is

Here's what they say:

When Julie was introduced to Don, she knew she liked him a lot but when he invited her to go on holiday with him, she wasn't sure if she ought - but then she decided she liked him too much to refuse. When they arrived at the beautiful old mill in France, Julie began to fall in love with it and Don. However, there were shadows and Julie found herself being sucked into the past, her feelings those of a girl involved in a long ago tragedy. Will Julie be sucked in so far that she is in danger or will her love for Don, and his for her bring her back from the edge?
The sightings of monk-like figures and strange happenings are what turns this book from a simple love story to something more exciting. I enjoyed it very much, though I would have liked even more of the ghostly happenings. Sensual at times, Shadows is the work of a clever author who also writes sensational historical books. Well worth reading. Award five red roses.
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