Thursday, 12 February 2015

Jelly days

Do you ever have those days when it feels like you must walk through jelly? Every step wobbles and there is always the danger of sinking. Today is a bit like that. I ought to get on with my wip, but although I like the way it is shaping up, I cannot summon the energy to get on with it. Probably it's because of too much red wine last night. Alcohol is insidious (stealthy, spreading) - after one glass, it takes away all your good resolutions and a second always seems a good idea. It is also invidious (offensive and invites animosity) in that it will eventually make you feel bad and frequently bad-tempered!

Last night I fell asleep while watching Wolf Hall. I'm surprised at myself, and put it down to the two or three glasses of wine. It is perfectly possible that Wolf Hall was boring, but in order to say that, I'll have to watch it first.

Microsoft Word 2010 annoys me because it won't hold a default setting. Every time I start a new chapter on a new document I have to change the default setting from Calabria 10 font to Times New Roman 12 font. The paragraphs, first lines, spacings all have to be reset as well. Totally, but totally annoying. It must be a glitch in the software. (I always do a new chapter on a new document and send it off for critique. When I've gone through half a dozen critiques, made changes, read it over and finally decided I am satisfied with it, then I will add it to the previous chapters in one long document.)

There shall be no wine tonight. Therefore I shall wake up refreshed and ready to write 2,000 words tomorrow.

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