Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Five gold stars

Yesterday I finished an excellent read. Truth to Tell by Mavis Cheek. Nina Porter is living the good life, says the blurb on the back cover. "Happily married, well off, a loving mother and daughter. So how come she finds herself alone in Venice with a handsome Italian? It starts with a marital row about honesty. Nina claims she always  tells the truth; her husband says it can't be done. And so the challenge is on. As Nina tries to live without the little white lies that support us all, she finds her life spiralling in directions she never expected."

Not only is the book good, I thought the back cover blurb was excellent, too.

The first line was even better: Tipping points are peculiar things. One minute the thought or desire is not on your radar, the next it is not only on your radar, it is looming so large it blots out almost everything else. And a tipping point, as Malcolm Gladwell says in his book, helpfully entitled The Tipping Point, is irresistible.

I was hooked. There are so many good things in her writing that I may well read it again just for the sheer pleasure of enjoying her particular prose style. Five gold stars to Ms Cheek.

The book trailer is nothing to do with Mavis Cheek. I decided to showcase (that awful word from America which I shouldn't allow my self to use!) my book trailers, and this is the third. Worry not, there is only one more to go. Unless I finish the one I'm working on for Reluctance, in which case there will be two more to come!

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