Friday, 14 January 2011

Last day and tips

If you don’t normally read newspapers, make sure you click on the link and read writing tips from people like Mantel, Rankin and more. Some are very earnest and serious, others have a more pragmatic approach – “Shut up and get on with it!”
Interesting to read. Rankin lists as his 9th tip “Get lucky” and his 10th “Stay lucky.” How right he is. Luck has such a big part to play in this game.
Our last day of skiing was a beaut. Sunshine and blue skies and we had a wonderful time (If I forget the horrendous queues for the Cable car to the Kleine Matterhorn early this morning.) Zermatt seems quieter than we remembered in previous years. Perhaps the recession in Europe has something to do with it, but it has meant uncrowded slopes, which we liked. At times we had whole ski runs to ourselves, which means no worries about kamikaze skiers shooting out of nowhere and leaving a blast of wind and cold particles of snow in your face. I can remember the long past days as a beginner when such a skier would disturb your rhythm so much you’d retreat shaking to the side of the piste muttering dark words.
All this time I’ve been away I’ve done no writing and very little reading. All I can say is that exercise and fresh air do not mesh very well with writing. Hey ho. Lots to do when I get back.


Anita Davison said...

Jaunting again, Jen? Am I jealous - well naturally. Now I know why I haven't seen anything of 'Defiance' lately. Have a great trip.

Jen Black said...

That's my trips done until the summer - time to readdress the bank balance and get some much needed housework done!
I'm working on the next chapter of Defiance - first 1400 words complete, so it won't be long!