Wednesday, 10 November 2010

On the train

More adventures in Sydney. We seem to have a weather pattern of mist in the early morning, brilliant sunshine from 10am till about 4.30pm and then the thunder clouds roll in and dump on everyone. We went out for a loaf of bread on Monday and came back drenched. My linen shirt turned transparent, my feet squelched in trainers, wonderful. Yet the silly thing was, we were still warm.
Today we went into Sydney on the train. The journey took an hour and only the last section could be called scenic. Looking down from the train as it went over the famous bridge was wonderful, and I took a couple of pictures. Fear not, they will probably turn up on here once I get them downloaded!

We went into a fantastic bookshop - Kinokuniya in George Street. They say they hold 300,000 books, and a goodly percentage of them are in Chinese text. I assume it is Chinese, though it could be Japanese to my untutored eye. We had coffee there and managed to explain that Sydney coffee is a little strong for us - is it ever - you almost get hairs on your chest as you drink it. So the waitress brought us a little jug of hot water as well as the coffee - perfect.

We took a walk in Myers department store and bought me a blouse I took a fancy to, and I received a belated birthday present - a shoulder bag that will hold my new notebook pc plus the stuff I usually carry in a travel bag - passport, money, etc. My faithful 9x5 travel wallet has been looking careworn for a while now.
A stroll through Hyde Park, on into the Domain, past Parliament House and the grim looking state library of NSW and along Hunter Street to Wynyard for the train home.

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