Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic ash and luncheon

Volcanic ash is causing misery around the whole of Europe, including this country, but so far I've seen no sign of it. But it must be there, high in the sky above me, for the airport 9 miles away is closed. Airports to the north and south are closed, too. Strange feeling, to look up and think what's there, and that it must come down somewhere, sometime.
didn't get much work done over the weekend as it was our turn to host a Sunday lunch. Now I know that those of you with families do this sort of thing in your sleep, but for me, a three or four course lunch with wine and coffee is a major undertaking.
I tackled one of Gordon Ramsay's recipes. Lamb rump with thyme and potato boulangere. Sound simple, but our local Farm butcher had no idea what a lamb rump night be. At this time of the year, he said with a smile, local lambs are so small that 3 lamb rumps for six people would mean I had six hungry guests. He thinks it's a New Zealand term and maybe their lambs are big enough, a different breed of lamb, perhaps, to make the cut worthwhile. Not here, so ~ Gordon Ramsay please take note ~ use terms that are recognised throughout the UK. It will make my life so much easier.
Good to see our friends happy and tucking in, enjoying the Cloudy Bay - still our favourite white wine, and there wasn't much of anything left, so I guess that means something. Then I couldn't sleep. Still hyped up and mind revving, but not sensible enough to do work on the wip. So I found Rafa's match at Monte Carlo and enjoyed the various snippets of him winning the final against Verdasco.

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