Monday, 2 February 2009


This time the forecasters were correct~we have snow, about 4 inches of it.

The kids were up and out early this morning. Luckily we have plenty of hills round about for them to sledge down. Neighbours turned out to push a car up the cul de sac always always the biggest hazard since we live on the side of a hill.

Both roadsters used to go up sideways, front wheels spinning while the back end slewed out. Time to get on with some work today and stay nice and cosy.

I wonder how much Rafa aches today?


Linda Banche said...

Here in Massachusetts, they're forecasting 2-4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. It'll be on top of the snow we already have that hasn't melted. I want enough to melt so I can see over the snow piles on the side of the driveway when I back the car out.

Jen Black said...

4 inches is forcast for us tonight, too, with up to 12-15 inches forcast for the Pennines. Ours is said to come from Arctic Russia - how about yours?