Sunday, 8 February 2009

RNA and Pin ups 2009

Romantic novelists have voted and the results are out ~ here are their choices for the sexiest male celebrities of 2009:

1 Richard Armitage - see pic to the right. I didn't see him in North and South, regrettably, but caught up with him as baddie Guy in the latest Robin Hood. The fact that he wore black leather and played opposite a less than charismatic Robin had to help. He replaces Penry-Jones in Spooks ( and what an exit he had! Talk about going out with a bang!) and I'm watching....

2 Johnny Depp. H'mm. Saw him as the pirate and recently as JMBarrie. Good actor, but there's something not quite right....

3 Hugh Jackman - see pic with towel. I haven't to my knowledge seen HJ in anything, but like what I see...

4 George Clooney - nah. Almost a caricature of a handsome man

5 Daniel Craig. a bit scary sometimes as Bond, but certainly fanciable.

6 Sean Bean, ah yes. It's that wicked grin and the insubordination that do it for me, but is he perhaps just a tad past the pin up stakes now?

7 Alan Rickman, a great actor but not exactly a pin up for moi.

8 David Tennant. Definitely dislike the wide-eyed look he persists in displaying

9 Pierce Brosnan. Like Sean, perhaps a little over his sell-by date

10 Gerard Butler. Who?
I have no quarrel with most of the choices, though Clooney, Tennant and Rickman don't do it for me. I think one person they've overlooked is the new world number one tennis player
Rafa Nadal (in the blue tee shirt).
How about it? Anyone agree with me?


Nixy Valentine said...

You didn't see xmen? HJ was wolverine. I've seen him in other things too probably, but that's what sticks out in my head.

I think I only agree with two from that list! I've had a crush on Pierce Brosnan for about 20 years and Daniel Craig is very easy on the eyes. I know there's a lot of controversy about him after some hissyfit, but Christian Bale is seriously gorgeous, and I have a little thing for Matthew Matthew McConaughey and Ian MacGregor too.

Rafa is cute, but seems too young for me.. I suppose because I've been watching him play since he was a teenager! LOL

Jen Black said...

X-men? who are they?
Our tastes differ wildly, it seems - but hey, that's good. Rafa is an interesting one - with an on court persona so differnet from the off court one. Interesting to watch for future developments, I think.I left a note on your blog, must go back and read more.

Anita Davison said...

I'm sorry, but I really must protest. When Anne W did this, I lodged my complaint but I said nothing further and I hope she got the message. But this too too much - Richard Armitage is MINE. Keep your mitts off.

Pearce Brosnan would have come close, but since I saw him sing in Mamma Mia, he's off the hunk list.

Jen Black said...

He's yours, Anita. I'll make do with Rafa. Heh, heh, evil grin.