Thursday, 22 May 2008

Still fine-tuning

It does not make for exciting blog reading to say that I am still fine-tuning the latest wip, but that's what I'm doing. I took an afternoon out to visit Wallington yesterday, and walked through the woods admiring the fantastic spring greeness all about me - somehow emphasized by bluebells on the shady hillside of the river bank.

I want to get this work finished soon, because I want to start another story when I'm away in France. It's a good place to write. There are so few distractions - no television, no radio, no neighbours. Mobile phones work only if you walk half a mile to the road, and if the house phone rings we regard it nervously - usually a French voice demands the owner of the house, and we have to say in our halting French that Monsieur is not here, that we are only guests. I really should start practicing my French phrases now....

I do hope the builders working on a house further up the valley will have finished when we get there. The shrill sound of an electric saw cutting through stone at intervals throughout the day did rather jar the peace and quiet. Having said that, I have to remember that the house we are going to has been having a refit.

A new bedroom was added on in October, when we were last there, and work is still going on. An inside staircase has been added, so we won't have to go outside, round the corner and down the steps to gain access to the lower rooms. That will take some getting used to. And the upstairs loo has moved. I probably won't be able to find it if I wake up in the middle of the night and want to go - it's always pitch dark there, unless the moon is just at the right position to shine in through the bedroom window.

Plus which old habits die hard - I imagine that for a couple of days at least I'll still head outside to go downstairs, and fumble about for the loo where it used to be before the brain clicks in and re-directs me.

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