Friday, 11 April 2008

Cornwall and cream teas

Amazing what 8 days can do. It won't be long now. And so far, our tadpoles seem predator free.

I am now the proud owner of Swain's Creating Characters. I'll start reading tonight. (I've been editing and honing the first three chapters of my wip in the hope that I'll get it sent off today, but I'm still not through with Chapter 3, so it will be Monday. However, I console myself with the thought that it will be great when it's done. Ha Ha. )

'What matters is he cares about it.' Those are words taken from chapter One and you'd think it wouldn't be necessary to say that. Every major character has to care about something or else there would be no story. But I'm sure I'll find out a lot more as I delve into the book, and probably find things I never considered. I won't have much time for writing over the rest of the month as the social side of things takes over. Son number one returns from Oz for a holiday and immediately after that dh and I are off to Cornwall for a few days as I think it is high time he got to know Cornwall. Fancy reaching the age of ----- and never having been to Cornwall! I expect I'll find it has changed a good deal since I spent a series of holidays there in the sixties...will they still have scrumpy and cream teas? Will the Old Inn in Mullion still be there, and the Admiral Benbow in Penzance?

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