Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I have spent some time rejigging the chapters in my wip. This comes about because of poor planning and starting work too soon, I suppose. I knew when I wrote it that the Black Moment should come later in the story, but I was just so keen to write now I pay the price. Chapter Four has become Chapter Ten and everything else has moved up and into place. That wasn't too much trouble - Thank the Good Lord for Computers - but then I had to go through and check and change the odd phrase that no longer made any sense. It's taken time, but I think I'm back on track. I have a goal, I've completed 49k and I also have a stronger, more sensible storyline.

So now it is time to pack it all up in a haversack and take off for France. Odd time of year, but interesting. I'm packing warm clothes instead of skimpy tops, for the weather there varies, as it does here, between hot sunshine and miserable dank grey days. The nights, though, are uniformly cold. I have packed warm fleeces and corduroys, just to be sure.

While I'm away I shall continue to work on the book. I also plan to reread my notes on McKee's Story. I keep intending to, but never ger around to it. But on holiday, with no tv to distract me of an evening, I shall get to it. That's if I'm sensible enough to understand it after a couole of glasses of good red wine. See you when I get back!

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