Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Promotion seems to be the name of the game in electronic publishing, and I notice even Nora Roberts does it! So in promotion mode, I've asked some guests to write for my blog, and I'll write for them in return. It should spice up all our lives a little over the next few weeks.

First off though, I should promote myself here! The trouble is, being British, I find it very hard to talk about me in a self-promotional way. So let's just say that I've written six books so far, with another on the go. Three titles are published as e-books -

The Banners of Alba ~ set in 11th century Scotland (also as POD)

Dark Pool ~ set in 11th century Dublin

Shadows ~ set in present day France

The other three I am currently editing, critiquing and sending off to publishers. Editing can go on for everbut there comes a time when it has to stop and I'm almost at that point with these three.

Rimrock Caper involves skiing and fraud in the Rockies; Far After Gold is set in 10th century Scotland, and Silver Age is late Victorian England.

I get around! I love writing about places I've been, using them as locations in my books, and I think I would find it very hard to write about somewhere I'd never visited. That's probably why I don't write science-fiction or fantasy! I like to visualise something and then catch it on paper (or a computer screen).

I had a great time with Silver Age - I looked up costume, found a beautiful book with really detailed photographs of actual dresses, coats, caps, corsets - and then used my imagination to dress my characters. There are balls and ballrooms to describe, and libraries and rides over the moors, and yes, I recall wintery rides and put it all down. It's as real as I can make it!

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