Sunday, 18 January 2015

Tim's accident

Nothing done these last three days because Tim fell on the  wooden floor of the bedroom. Usually he bounces back up as if nothing had happened, but this time he stood up on three legs, shivering and crying. Comfort and examination discovered no broken bones, nothing out of place, no painful places, no hot spots - in fact, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet for two days he was virtually immobile, and didn't want to be left alone.

So we massaged his leg, stayed beside him  and kept him warm. It happened so early in the morning he hadn't even been out for a pee. By ten o'clock that first evening he hobbled to the door and indicated he wanted to go out. He limped up to the lawn on three legs and carefully managed to have the longest pee I've ever seen. The pooh followed, so at least we knew there was nothing to worry about on that score.

The second day followed much like the first, but this time I got out the laptop and did some work while staying in the same room as with him. He got up once or twice and his movement got progressively easier as the day wore on. By night time he went out into the garden moving quite normally. The third day we went out for a walk with him on a lead so he couldn't run off and charge about as he normally does. He did just fine. Today, I think we're back to normal. When I drew back the blind he glared at the snow on the roof opposite. 'Look at that!' he might have been saying, so we went out, treading cautiously in the slippery slope down to the field. There is hardly a covering of snow, but he charged about in it with great delight. it's probably only the second time he has seen snow.

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