Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lazy Saturdays

Saturday morning and we expected a quiet day.No such luck! We woke at 6.15, went back to sleep, got up at 7.15 and took Tim for a walk while it is still wonderfully cool. By the time we came back, there were three men working around the mill. For third day in a row, Marcel the fireman was back to incinerate yet another pile of dead, years old wood. Tom and Rob had come to continue putting up the boar/deer fence, and Rob had brought his new puppy - Tara.
Tim, naturally, was very keen to make Tara's acquaintance, but she was only seven weeks old and so tiny we had to put Tim on a leash for a while. By the end of the morning, they were making tentative gestures at being playmates.

The heat continues. The sun has blazed down ever since we got here and by last night we were just about comatose with it. Farmers are working long hours getting the hay cut. Tom and co work until 11am and then knock off for the day when it is this hot, so now we have the mill to ourselves again. Peace reigns. Except for the frogs croaking in the pond. Or maybe it's the jays squawking in the trees. One thing is for sure - we rarely hear a car. A tractor, maybe, or a thing that cuts the hay and lays big rolls bound up tight behind it. I saw two cyclists steaming along the road in the afternoon heat yesterday, and thought them mad fools. Perhaps their speed cools them down...they were dressed in skintight lycra in pink and white and black, with helmets to match. It's too hot to sunbathe, but at last the pool is ready to use, colour me cool today.

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