Saturday, 10 May 2014

Shepherd's Dene and websites

Crinan Hotel
Missed my entry yesterday because I was out all day at a Border Reivers Retreat Day. Ten of us got together at Shepherd's Dene and listened to Jan and Graham tells us how Jan has built up an astounding following for her self-published books. Later in the day we discussed adding emotional impact to our writing, and then tried our hand at writing a short story in 50 words. Easer than you might think. Everyone came up with attempts in only ten minutes. All very different, too!
Jan's website is here:

I enjoyed the day but came home very tired. One of the things about writing is that it is essentially a lonely life (unless the family is still at home and rampaging around you!) and a day talking and chatting is wonderful but leaves me drained at the end of it all. Toady I am exploring building a website. So far, I've made my blog do double duty as both blog and website, but perhaps the time is right for a venture into a website. We'll see.

Viking Magic, in its third day of life, has sold a few copies already, so now it is up to me to promote, promote, promote. I must spread the word!

This picture shows how close the hotel is to the water! The weather changed on our second day there, and the hills on the horizon have disappeared in the murk. But they are there, I promise you. The island of Jura shows up beautifully on a clear day.

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