Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back ache blues

I've put off blogging today because I'm disenchanted with everything. You name it, I don 't like it. Now, this state of affairs may not last - in fact, I hope it doesn't. It's a good thing I'm not critiquing today!

Several months ago I had a fall when out with Tim. I turned my ankle on the curb hidden by grass at the precise moment he took off like a streak of lightning for some unknown delight several yards away. Result? I crashed down shoulder and hip on the tarmac path. It must have looked spectacular, for a gentleman walking some distance away ran  up to ask if I was OK. Tim, of course, licked my face like a concerned dog would
Anyway, it jarred something in my spine and I finally got tired of the aches and the morning stiffness - in fact, getting out of a chair of an evening ment I walked at a crazy angle for a while. I booked an appointment to see Dr Melrose.
He's an osteopath rather than a chiropractor, according to my local GP. He's good, very good. One, or perhaps two visits, should be enough, he says. I'm always afraid he'll have retired when I really need him. He doesn't agree with these modern practitioners who require patients to visit every other week. No need for it, he says. I've been precisely three times in the last sixteen years, including the visit I made this week, and each time he has cured the problem. He can deal with the mechanical problems, but insists I must undertake to keep my spine supple so that  future falls will not be so punishing. Five movements, thats all it takes. I know them off by heart, and they are very simple. I am doing them religiously at the moment. I'm also sitting here with a heated bean bag wrapped around my spine to ease the soreness following the manipulation.

It probably wasn't a good idea to help out in the garden today while dh took a chain saw to several overgrown cottoneasters and a thorn tree that was threatening to break the fence.  By the end of the day, in spite all our hard work, we still had a lawn full of spiky thorn branches. They'll have to be chopped up and taken to the tip tomorrow. Tim is wondering why he's only had one walk today.

Pic - waterlogged fields and the shifting light on the local countryside where I walk with Tim


Ursula Thompson said...

So what are those five movements that us advanced-age people need to keep our spines supple?
Hope you feel better soon!

Anita Davison said...

Aw Jen that sounds really nasty, no wonder you are low just now. Pamper yourself for a while and hope spring comes soon to lift your spirits.