Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yahoo troubles and Tim's first look at the sea

Failed to communicate yesterday - apologies all round. Several things cropped up -- I spent most of the day either walking the dog or  preparing a three course dinner for guests that evening. DH spent the day hoovering and dusting to ensure all was shipshape. Writing didn't get a look in, but we did have a splendid evening with a first course of salmon mousse in crisp pastry cups, duck breast with a redcurrant sauce followed by apple and blackberry crumble with a dollop of clotted cream on top. The blackberries have been amazingly good this year - in fact all the fruit has - the apples came courtesy of our neighbour whose trees bore so many they gave some away, and the blackberries I've foraged when I've been out with Tim. I rarely see anyone else gathering them, and I think it's almost an insult to nature to allow such beautiful fruit to rot away unused.

It seems Yahoo Groups are causing major frustration worldwide. Without any warning I saw they changed the way their groups function and in doing so have made them virtually useless. It isn't a simple front page change, but the whole system. Things don't work. I wonder why they have done it? Critique group members in particular are tearing their hair out in handfuls, and unless Yahoo gets its act together quickly, people will stop using them.

if you look at the last entry, you'll see Tim running happily towards the waves coming in. (The sea was like a mill pond that day, so we had no fears for him.) When he realised the sea was coming to him, he wasn't so keen, and when it almost reached his toes, he turned tail and ran.

He had to be coaxed back towards the water, and still wasn't sure. You want me to go near THAT?
So we walked along the beach towards  the port of Blyth, just visible as a dirty smudge on the picture., and he loved running on the sand. He loved meeting all the other dogs out for walk on the beach, too and there was ample space for them all to tear around like lunatics.
A couple of miles along the beach beside the sea  and his confidence improved. He dared to go near the water again. This time he got his front paws wet, but I'm not sure his back paws ever felt the chill of the North Sea. We'll save that for another day!

On some of the pics, if you click and expand them, you'll see a ghost foot, or a ghost tail - Tim was never still, and the camera in my phone has picked up the movement!

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Ursula Thompson said...

You're so lucky to live in this beautiful area! My dogs would love that beach.
Now not to frustrate you, but for me, yahoo works just fine (knock on wood). Everythings looks and acts normal, and I can use all the functions. I really wonder why some people are affected, and some are not.