Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In Grump Mode

At last the sun is shining. Everyone is walking around with big grins on their faces - long may it last. It doesn't, however, make me any less inclined to have a grump this morning about things that irritate me - these are in no particular order, but here we go:

1. Lawyers who encourage silly people to sue someone when what happened to them was their own fault, so beautifully exampled by the policewoman who tripped over a curb and then sued the owner of the garage who had called her out because he feared a break-in was taking place.
2. People who knock the NHS when for most people, me included, it does a wonderful job.
3.Twenty-four hour news repeating the same stories over and over and over again, and not actually reading the news any more but offering gossip, speculation and telling people what to think.
4) Benefit scroungers - the real ones. We all know they exist.
5) Cinemas that run films at ear-crunching levels these days. Psychologist say we are inherently afraid of sudden loud noise - so what do filmakers give us? Plenty of sudden loud noise so that we'll jump in our seats when really what happens on the screen isn't worthy of our being so scared.
6) My fingers, when they garble what I am trying to type on the keyboard. (Usually they embarass me by doing it on Twitter)
7) The world for thinking that twenty-somethings must be catered for, when the largest slice of the population is probably the over sixties (I should have checked my facts, but I haven't. It's a feeling I have. Thank God for films like Quartet and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which remind the sixties and up that they exist.)
8) People who cough and sneeze on public transport without benefit of handkerchief.
9) Can I make it to ten? I'm running out of grumps here. Oh, yes, novels published in the UK but which use the American verb "gotten." Plus all the other American slang that filters over here. Australians seem to keep it to themselves.
10) The fact that when I write and publish in America, I have to change my language to American English. Grrr.

Phew! I feel better now. Have a happy day, everyone.


Ursula said...

That was funny, Jen. I have one 'grump': How about the overall lack of common sense? Like, e.g., you order a hot cup of coffee, you don't sue somebody because you burn your tongue? Or you get a St. Bernard, and want to get rid of it because it's too big a few months later (happened to me).
That's my biggest grump - general idiocy.

Jen Black said...

Yes - that's probably the root cause. Plus plain old greed, and too many lawyers seeking work. Don't start me off again!