Monday, 25 February 2013

Rejections, hashtags and freebies

I've just returned from a meeting with writer friends and so my spirits are high in spite of two rejections this week. One rejection came whizzing back within 3 hours, which must be a record! I alternate between thinking that a) the agency is super efficient or b)that my submission was complete and utter rubbish.

Great strides have been made this week by my discovery of #hashtags when using Twitter.  I've always wondered what function they had, and that other funny little @ symbol - well, now I know and it's all thanks to a great little download from Kindle - Indie Author Book Marketing Success.

Also FAR AFTER GOLD is going free on Kindle today and tomorrow and the times are Pacific Coast times. This means that for my UK friends, the offer will run on after midnight UK time. If someone reads, enjoys and cares to post a review on Amazon, that would be great.

I see there is to be a further programme on Richard III this week. The 27th February to be exact, on More 4 at  9pm. The Radio Times claims this will feature the tests carried out after the discovery of his bones, so I shall be watching. I thought the earlier programme a little light in that department, and have high hopes of this one. I shall be surprised if there isn't a flurry of historical novels on Richard being published in the next few months. A certain Ms Gregory must be smiling every day! Nearly as much as Hilary Mantel after the furore over her speech at the London Book Review - anyone who hasn't read the full speech ought to do so -

Blogger seems reluctant to upload my new pictures thoughI don't know why, so the one above was taken on a trip to Stirling a couple of years ago. I have no idea what kind of transaction was taking place!

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