Friday, 23 October 2009


So many things go to make a writing Style. Each one of us must find our own and not allow anyone change it.

It is probably the hardest part of writing, for anybody can string words together. But do they tell the story in a good way? Here are a few snippets to help get it right:

-do not misuse long words;
-don't use cliches;
-use the best word to express the idea;
-do not abuse commas, em-dashes and exclamation marks - use them correctly. For example use an exclamation mark in dialogue only when your character is shouting.
-description should be unobstrusive and lend substance to a novel;
-description is not and never should be an inventory;
-don't focus on the generic but give us the specific;
-do not reiterate something you've already mentioned;
-treat time carefully;
-use appropriate metaphors - a comparison must be accurate;
-The larger ideas in a paragraph should lead from one to the next so the text is not jerky.
-don't flaunt your vocabulary unnecessarily.


Caroline Storer said...

(((SIGH!))) Wise words indeed Jen - now I've sent off my HM&B Writing Competition entry I am finding a lot of author blog sites crammed with tips and the like. Double (((SIGH))) I wished I had waited a few weeks before sending it off. Take care. Caroline x

Jen Black said...

always the way it happens!Good luck anyway