Saturday, 5 September 2009


Ginger nominated my blog for an I must say thanks Ginger and hope you cannot see the fixed grin on my face because now I have to come up with names, information, and some interesting stuff without revealing all my dirty little secrets.
I must share with you SEVEN of my favorite things, SEVEN of my favorite activities, SEVEN things no one knows about me.

Seven of my favorite things: Easy. If you ask me next year, I doubt they will have changed. Dogs, holidays, watching Rafa Nadal play tennis, meeting my girlfriends for dinner, Merlin (the current BBC production), sleeping, reading.

Seven of my favorite activities: country walks, writing, downhill skiing, gardening, driving my Mini Cooper fast, meeting other writers, taking photographs

Seven things no one knows about me: I’m deaf in one ear because streptomycin destroyed the nerve when I had mumps, I was once School high jump champion, I’m tidy when it comes to desks, I cannot talk and cook at the same time, South America is the only continent I haven’t visited, once printed my own b&w pics in a dark room and I used to ride horses.

Sadly some of my friends don’t have blogs, so if anyone wants to include eight nominations instead of seven, feel free – use one of mine!

Michelle Styles
Anna Scamans
Linda Banche
Carla Nayland
Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Anne Gilbert
I picked these people because they are committed bloggers. I hope you'll visit their sites...that the purpose of this whole thing, after all.


Anne Gilbert said...


Thank you very much for including me in your seven "dedicated bloggers". I sometimes don't know whether I'm having any impactg on anybody or not(lol!). So I'm very grateful. Would you like me to do the seve things bit, too? I'll be glad to throw a little publicity your way, if you'd like!

Jen Black said...

Yes! Anne, I've sent you an e-mail on an address I found for you, but if you haven't received it, yes, please - do what I've done and nominate 7 people to send the award on to. Then in their turn, they should do the same. Jen