Saturday, 30 August 2008

Changes and Jane Eyre

I've made some changes so visitors should be able to comment much more easily now. I've been playing around with colours, too, so if you find anything a struggle to read because of the colour, let me know. I'm a wee bit doubtful about the list of my favourite reads - I love the violet shade, but how 's the legibility?
Tonight BBC4 shows the second half of Jane Eyre. I'm looking forward to it. Toby Stephens (left) makes a fascinating Mr Rochester. Not classically handsome, perhaps, but with a charm and carisma all his own. Works for me!

His Jane is an actress called Ruth Wilson, shown on the right. Not a name I'm familiar with, but she held my attention all the way through the first half. Tonight she will go and visit her dying aunt, the hard-hearted Mrs Reid, and if memory serves, she is informed that she has inherited a good deal of money. Also showing tonight on a different channel is Bride and Prejudice, at which I may take a peek. I can't imagine Lizzie Bennet in a sari, so I must have a look even if I don't watch it. I have a suspicion they will burst out into one of those wonderful Indian dance sequences with bare midriffs and gold nose rings!


Louise Armstrong said...

Hi Jen - Ttesting testing! There's some kind of warning message below - so let's see if this works.

Jen Black said...

It works in spite of the warning message! Happy blogging!