Thursday, 19 February 2015

Poldark for US

If anyone in the US is an Aidan Turner fan or an avid Winston Graham reader, then here is a link you should follow:

Evidently Turner is contracted to the BBC for five years in order to do the complete series. Sounds like good news to me. No doubt the usual arguments will flare about the tv production following or not following the story line, if certain actors were right for the part - and if the actors are audible and intelligible after the dreadful muddle of Jamaica Inn.

I missed the penultimate part of Wolf Hall last night as I went out to supper with friends in the Pump Room just outside Durham City. (The restaurant is called Oro and the waiters seem to speak only Italian. It is pricey but the food is good, if in portions too small for my appetite. I came home and ate a slice of home made bread, toasted. Must be all this fresh air and dog-walking.) So I shall have to watch the video before next Wednesday. I hope the pace has picked up a little as I struggled to stay awake while watching the video last week. (I fell asleep during the live programme!)

The snowdrops are in full bloom on the riverside, and this year they are not fighting their way up through snow. Not in my part of the world. They are having it easy-peasy with sunshine and temperatures around 4-9 degrees C. Crocus (crocki?) are showing upright yellow spears in the garden but have not opened up yet. I'm trying to keep Tim off the newly sprouted daffodils. Last year he kept eating the flower heads, silly boy.

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