Thursday, 5 June 2014

Snakes and tralvelling

Our first full day in France and dh got bitten by a snake. Since he's still with me, and feeling no effects whatsoever, we can only assume it was a harmless variety. Tim pounced on a patch of grass by the roadside and next thing we knew, there's a snake on the tarmac among us. Tim was pulling to get at it, I was hauling him off and Bill got bitten above his wellies, which admittedly were only calf length rather than knee length. Two little puncture wounds as proof he wasn't mistaken. The snake vanished before I could get a good impression of it - except that it was fast, an olive green colour and seemed to have vertical stripes running along the length of its body.

Apart from that incident, we've had a splendid day with sunshine from early morning till a few minutes ago. Tim has worn himself out running from one to the other of us and generally keeping track.

Our journey was beset with hazards. The Channel tunnel was blocked by a stationary train, so we had three hours to hang around before we finally got going. (Never found out why there was a train stuck in the tunnel....) The weather was poor on the journey through France, and we miscalculated and hit Rouen at 8am  - rush hour. Big mistake. We had forgotten to turn on the sat nav, and hit the wrong road. Someone advanced beyond his zone at traffic lights and when they changed, we could not move because of him. Car horns blared all around. Huge frustration and when we did find a road out of Rouen, it was not in the best direction for a speedy journey. Tim was fed up and howled and yodelled and whined for a good two hours...We finally arrived about 4.30. We opened the door, out he bounded and loved it! He's notstopped running about since!

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Ursula Thompson said...

Hope you keep us updated about your adventures in France!
I think that Chunnel would make me claustrophobic. I can't imagine being stuck in a tunnel under water for any amount of time.