Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sizzling hot days

Another blazing hot day. I feel some sympathy for the ladies final in Paris where Shriekapova plays a young unknown from Rumania, but hey! they're getting well paid for an afternoon's work. OK, so it's a fortnight's work, but its still a darn good rate of pay. I wish someone would tell Shriekapova to stop shrieking. I avoid watching her, and many of the women, because of the racket (sorry) they make. Somehow the men's grunts don't impinge so much, probably because they're so much deeper toned.

The pool is gradually clearing, thanks to Tom's work. The fence to keep boar and deer out of the pool is going up. I can't imagine a deer or a wild pig swimming in our pool, but there you go. Local laws say that the pool must be fenced for safety reasons. but the workmen who were due to smooth out the rubble left from excavating the pond have not been. Nature is gradually taking care of the job instead.  There are frogs and I saw two small fish swimming about today. I've done some washing and it dried in half a day. DH mastered the tractor and grass cutting machinery, so we now have somewhere that looks a little less like a wilderness than when we arrived.

I am glad to report DH suffered no after-effects from his snake bite. I've been ultra careful about walking through long grass since that incident. What am I saying? - it's all long grass here. I take a stick, but what would I do with it? Still, I feel better for having it with me. The way Tim leaps about in gay abandon, no self-respecting snake would stay within two miles of him. At the moment he is flat out, dead to the world. The heat is getting to him. We've drunk a few bottles of French wines since we arrived, and tonight we'll be doing duck steaks on the BBQ.

I have a Jack Reacher story to read, do I ever get to it, Just before I came away I read a new Sarah Bolton called Like this, For ever. Very good thriller done from a juvenile viewpoint and the cop's viewpoint, and there was a twist in the tale that surprised me.  I tried to load a picture to the blog, and the laptop could not cope. So now I've reduced the pixel size to almost nothing to see if it will upload a photo.
 PS No matter what I did Explorer would not upload a picture to Blogger. So now I've changed to Google Chrome and have just uploaded a picture of the drive leading away from the mill - before the grass had been cut!

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Jennifer Pittam said...

Weird about the snake - a grass snake, presumably, if no ill effects. Hope you get down to some writing soon! In the meantime France looks great...