Friday, 21 February 2014

Completely Novel

Here we have news of yet another way to get yourself published. CompletelyNovel will team up with Greene & Heaton literary agency to link authors with agents. Unpublished authors may publish their own work in both digital and pbck format and sell it via CN - for a monthly subscription fee. The agency will then consider - consider, mark you - the titles with the highest rating with a view to representing them. Representation, of course, hardly guarantees publication.

The idea seems to have come from Nicola Barr, agent at G & H. She claims they are always looking for new authors and impressed by those who take the initiative and self publish.

“CompletelyNovel offers a great opportunity for emerging writers, and we’re very much looking forward to working alongside them and finding something that makes us fall off our seats with excitement and in horror that we might otherwise have missed it.”

CompletelyNovel offers self-publishers the opportunity to publish two titles a month for free and sell their works through the CompletelyNovel website, or two titles a month for the cost of £7.99 a month and have their works also sold through Amazon “and other retailers”. It’s ‘Pro’ package offers authors the option of publishing 10 titles a month for £14.99 and having those titles sold on the platform and also through Amazon “and other retailers.” The website also give authors the ability to create their own covers online.

As far as I can see, this gives G&H an income they may not otherwise have had, but offers the author very little. any author can publish on Amazon for free, and keep whatever profits they make. Why pay good money for the chance of representation? If representation were guaranteed, that would be different.



Sarah Juckes said...

Thanks for featuring this, Jen. The partnership is a perk for authors publishing their books with CompletelyNovel - so what they are getting is the chance to earn money from sales, whilst also being reviewed by literary agents. It's great news that literary agents are looking at self-published books for representation now, and marks a very positive change for self-publishers.

Jen Black said...

Thanks for the clarification, Sarah!

Jen Black said...

Margaret says: The only folks benefiting here are the publishers. It seems as if more and more small and mid-size publishers are trying all sorts of borderline scams and tricks to stay afloat. Perhaps they should all go under, and we will all be SPAs, keeping the revenue all for ourselves.

And yet there are folks who don't believe they are really and truly writers unless they have an agent and a publisher. Baloney.