Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Amazon's Countdown Deals

Amazon have hatched a new scheme called Kindle Countdown Deals. This means books are on discount for a few days, and then gradually rise to the original price. It's an interesting strategy, and one wonders if it will work. I suppose it means checking Amazon every day to see what is on offer. Now that won't be bad for them, but it certainly could get tedious for someone like me.

I checked the Top Hundred Free titles on Amazon for a few weeks but now hardly remember to go there. It's a hitty-missy kind of exercise - certain authors go free for a day or two, and if you're lucky, you catch their book for free. There's a lot of self-published stuff there that might have benefited from a copy-editor's red pen, but every now and then there is a little nugget of gold. I discovered Ken McClure and Shirley McKay that way, and got a copy of Yan Martel's Life of Pi for 20p.

This has reminded me that it is about time I put one of my own titles up for a free day or two. It usually generates lots of interest, but I find it hard to tell if the exercise generates sales. If I do it soon, it may prompt Amazon US into sending me the next US cheque!

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