Friday, 5 July 2013

Red eyes and sneezing

I know I've been waxing lyrical about the abundance of wild flowers this year, but now I'm beginning to think it's all too much.  Took a delightful walk in good company yesterday by the river bank in Corbridge and began sneezing on the way back. Sneezed all the way home in the car, and got a fright when I looked in the mirror and saw the whites of my eyes had swelled up around the iris and turned a sort of bloodshot yellow.

Last night was not comfortable at all, even with the introduction of a glass of red wine. This morning most of the swelling has gone but my right eye is still red and itchy. I took Tim for his early morning gallop on the field behind the house clutching a big white hanky to my nose, much to the amusement of kids going by to get to school.

So, today will be an indoor day, with much work on the re-editing. DH has gone up the street to buy me some face masks from the hardware store! I suggested that a trip to the chemist to ask if there is a preparation I can take that won't interfere with the pills I take everyday. The biggest pity is that the weather looks wonderful - cloudy blue sky and a brisk breeze waving the trees in the sunshine. At least I'll be able to watch Wimbledon though I have faint hopes for Murray.

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Ursula Thompson said...

Feel sorry for your hayfever, Jen. My landlord has the same problem - he's allergic to hay, and he's a farmer! You should see him when he's cutting the hay - long-sleeved shirt, baseball hat with a hankie underneath it, face mask - and all in 90 degree heat!