Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time runs away

Right now there are not enough hours in the day to do all I want to do!

I'm awake at 5.30 or 6 to ensure the pup goes out into the garden - at least he gets through the night now - and then back to bed for another hour or so. He wakes me up for breakfast at seven, which isn't so bad. People who go out to work get up at such hours. Then it's breakfast and a short walk around the field and back to my study for a couple of hours on the computer. So far, the routine is working well. I'm fresh, the mind is alert and I've finally cracked the first chapter of Matho down into the shape I want. Writing improved, honed, and the narrative thrust improved. Chapter 2 and 3 yet to improve likewise.

Then Tim wakes up and starts chewing my slippers. At this point I have learned that nothing will do but a walk, and a decent one at that. An hour and a half down through the woods and up almost to Hagg Bank yesterday. Back home to lunch, and by then I need a siesta. Lucky I'm not still working for a living!

Somehow the afternoon hours dwindle away with household chores, talking to Bill, another walk or playtime on the lawn and I never get back to the computer. So my PR is slowly sliding to a halt, and my e-book sales are dwindling. Somehow, I've got to get a grip and get things back on track. By ten o'clock I'm tucked up in bed and fast asleep by five minutes past the hour. Managed to watch part 2 of The Fall yesterday - frighteningly good s
toryline - and then straight into dreamsville. No sleeping problems now.

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