Friday, 4 January 2013

Keeping on the right track

Since I'm fuzzy headed in the throes of a cold, I am going to cheat today and give you the wise words of Nicola Morgan, otherwise known as the Crabbit Old Bat. The link to her blog is below. Plus which these are things I need to read from time to time, to keep myself on the right track.

Ten Tips for Adults Writing to be Published:
  1. Write confidently, subjectively and with your heart; revise critically, objectively and with your head.
  2. Be in it for the long haul – real writers keep writing.
  3. Listen to the right people – people who have succeeded or who are in the business. If you want to know about publishing, don’t listen to those who have never been published.
  4. Aim to be better.
  5. Respect good writers. Don’t become bitter. Good writers will be your friends.
  6. Understand your writing, your genre, your aim, your readers. Understand them properly.
  7. Understand why publishers make their decisions – and mistakes.
  8. Understand all the rules of writing, so that you can break them with skill and intention.
  9. Support the book industry – especially bookshops and libraries. They create readers and you need readers.
  10. Read.
Any comments? Disagree with any of them? Any tips you’d add? But if you add one, you’d have to remove one, otherwise there wouldn’t be ten…

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Anita Davison said...

I would add: Don't try to follow trends - write the kind of books you love to read and and you'll find an audience.
And remove No 7 because as goals go you will never win with this one.

Hope the cold gets better Jen