Saturday, 26 January 2013

Holiday over

You may have noticed I've been rather quiet this week and that's because I've been on holiday. I set up Blogger to show Anita's new book, and also to show my review of the title. Well, now I'm home I see that Blogger failed to publish the post I scheduled for midweek. Not only is Blogger acting up over producing photographs, but now it's getting picky over what it will and won't schedule. Let's hope it sorts itself out soon, otherwise, Other Measures will have to be considered.

We've been skiing in Zermatt, and I have lots of new pics to show. There is rather more snow in Zermatt than here, but it was quite a surprise to fly over the south coast of England and see snow all the way up to Newcastle and beyond. Not often that happens! So tomorrow I'll sort myself out after a good night's sleep and resume business as usual. Except that I'll have a spate of cooking to do, because there has been a power cut while we've been away, and some of the freezer contents are now somewhat less than frozen. Rather than refreeze or throw them out, I'll cook them first thing. Also, we must discover who has cleared our drive of snow while we've been away.

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