Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Blue Day

The day is miserable. Misty and with snow on the ground and a weak sun trying to push through and so far, failing. My cold is hanging on, won't go away. Now, to add insult to injury, Blogger have changed the way we have to upload photos. Since I don't have pictures on my phone, I don't have a webcam, don't use Picasa web albums, etc etc, it seems I can't upload pics any more. Surely the simplest way for most people was to upload from their computer? Have Blogger forgotten this?
So the only pic I can get up here today is an old one. (I've sent feedback. Let's see if they respond.

Since nothing I do today is turning out well, it is perhaps a good thing I'm due in town for a hair cut. We've promised ourselves lunch as well. It will do us good to be out among people again, since we've been isolated for the past ten days or so, brewing our germs and bugs among ourselves instead of going out and spreading them among the unsuspecting populace. Noble, don't you think?

Usually I don't have many outside appointments to keep, but now that snow is here and heavy snow is forecast for tomorrow, wouldn't you know it - I have a date to keep on Thursday and another on Friday, both of which involve me in driving a 50 mile round trip over hilly country. It would be easy if only I were involved, but both days other people are involved, so it is not an easy decision about going or not going.


Jean Bull said...

No problem with my blog, Jen, (so far) I just click on 'choose files' and all the photos on my computer come up.

Jen Black said...

Now why don't I have that option?