Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It's different!

It is very peaceful here. Or it would be if the people who live in the farm behind us, who sold the land around us to the property developer, were not utilising their profits by digging a swimming pool. Workmen here start at 7am, have a brief lunch break at 12.30 and start again until three or later. We’ll see what time they stop today. Yesterday it was almost six pm.

Yesterday we drove out in Helen’s car and found the local shopping complex, where we bought a few staples, and headed down to the beach we visited on the first day. This time we resisted Bacon butties, settled for coffee and walked around the “town.”  Bowling clubs are strong here in Oz, and the Blackhead Bowling Club promises Fish n’ Chips on a Thursday night. We may well come back and try it. Houses are so very different here. Brick is not common as a building material, and rooves are often painted corrugated steel or unpainted zinc alloy/aluminium coated steel. Fences come in shades of pale green and cream, look as if they are plastic and click together.  Streets have no two houses the same, and big, expensive houses are crammed into little plots cheek by jowl with their neighbour. Yet there is land a plenty. Some do have large acreages attached, but they are on the outskirts, or the country. Here it’s called “the bush,” and we know from watching Neighbours that every trip into the bush ends in disaster. Just look at this You Tube video - Click We spotted horses wearing canvas coats when it is warm enough for them to go without, and were told it is probably so they don’t get sunburnt.

This morning we walked Diamond Beach again, and from the look-out point spotted some whales blowing and breeching far out to sea.

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