Monday, 24 September 2012

A rainy day

It's raining hard and blowing a gale outside, so I've postponed my intention to walk up the hill and bank the latest book sales cheque received last week. Our "tame" blackbird has been on the fence, singing, twice already this morning. Evidently dh put out some sultanas for him first thing, and as I sat down at my computer I heard the bird again. I now know exactly what Dunnett meant when she wrote the phrase about a blackbird's cherried sentence. So I laid out more sultanas on top of the BBQ, and down he flew, looking very wet and downcast, and gobbled them up. Two feet seems to be his limit of tolerance for my presence. Of course, it could be his brother. They're very hard to tell apart. I'm hoping blackbird Dad reappears. He brought the brood to feed early in the spring, but they got so vicious they chased him away. Ungrateful kids! I'll know it's him, because while the youngsters have very sharp tips to their beaks, his was a tad worn and he had a couple of white feathers in his wings.

So, it's a perfect day for writing. I offered to help dh tidy his study, and if you knew what an effort that is likely to be, you'd applaud me! He, obviously not knowing when he is on to a good thing, shook his head and pulled a face. 'No, not today.'

So that leaves me back with a perfect day for writing. Unless I make a list for what I'm going to pack in my suitcase next month. But I can't think of sunny Australia when the weather is so miserable here. It is slowly dawning on me that I could be accused of procrastination here...No. Decision made. I'm off to do some writing. Honest.

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