Monday, 16 July 2012

This is France

The Castle looms up behind the houses
After a grey weekend we woke to bright blue sky and sunshine, which is what we came to France to enjoy since we never get any at home. We’ve finished beating down the undergrowth and painting shutters, so this morning we took our bikes out on the road with serious intent.

We cycled to Montclard St Georges which is about six miles away, and we went via country roads. Several times we stopped for a breather, or to let tractors go by and twice we had barking farm dogs run out at us. Fortunately the boxer gave up after a snarky look at me, a snarled Steady! discouraged the spaniel, and  Non! turned away the one-eyed terrier. I don’t suppose the words mattered, and why I chose Steady! I’ll never know – the tone of command did the trick.

The bakery
The castle at St Georges is still up for sale if anyone has a mind to buy. It’s been for sale for a year or two that we know of, but it seems there are no takers. I don’t know why – it’s set in the middle of a delightful village. Would take the deep pocket of a pop star, I suppose, to make something of it – but what a thing it would be! The little shop we'd planned to visit was closed due to the national holiday, which we'd sort of expected.
Thinking of all the hills we’d laboured up, we opted to cycle back home via the main road, which wasn’t as scary as we anticipated. Drivers gave us a wide berth, possibly because in our high viz vests and definitely not in the first flush of youth, we looked dangerous on bikes with 20 inch wheels. I began to tire as we rode the last couple of miles home, but made it safely.
The washing machine had done its job while we were out, so I hung the clothes out in the sunshine to dry, set up a tray and we ate pate and salad for lunch on the bolly. I plan not to move very far at all for the rest of the day, but we’re planning another road trip tomorrow. Or maybe we’ll go into Bergerac for much needed food supplies. We’ll decide in the morning.

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