Monday, 30 July 2012

Nearing the end

Saw a snake this morning just where I was about to step off the bolly. Or rather, I saw what I thought was a lizard scuttling through the grass, so I stopped with one foot in the air. Then I noticed it didn’t have legs, was thin and black and wriggling. Sad to say it moved so fast I didn’t really see it go or where it went – well, the grass is getting well past ankle height again and it dived around the corner of the bolly, or even underneath the bolly. It was just after nine o’clock, and the creature must have been sunbathing. DH saw a snake at the start of the holiday, but we don’t know if this second sighting was the same snake. He said it was huge, but mine was barely more than eighteen inches if laid straight as a ruler. I expect they’re hunting the tiny lizards just out of the egg and barely the length of a matchstick.

We've kept up the biking - in fact we exhausted ourselves on Friday by misreading a) the weather (when it clouded over and the temperature dropped I thought it would be a good afternoon to go for a ride - but we'd only got half-way up the hill when the sun popped out again) and b) the map, taking a wrong turn, reaching a dead end and having to cycle all the way back again. Dh informed me that my face was scarlet when we got back to the mill - and it wasn't, let me tell you, scarlet with sunburn.
Lou Peyrol last week
We didn’t get the expected thunderstorms over the weekend, but we did get half an hour of heavy rain on Saturday night. Sunday we enjoyed a more equitable sunshine, the kind you can walk out in and sunbathe in.  But still, the midgies are here. Nothing's perfect.
It's Monday morning now, and we're going to Lou Peyrol again tonight to enjoy a super meal to give ourselves strength for packing up and setting off on the long drive home first thing Wednesday morning. There'll be a lot of sweeping floors and dusting tomorrow, but that hardly counts as activity.

Whoops! Sorry about the pic but I can't see anything here to rotate it, and since it's dh's pc I don't want to risk messing anything up - I'd never hear the last of it.

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