Wednesday, 11 July 2012

France 2012

Our holiday in France 2012 is underway.

The pic may take a while to load and I apologise for that. I'm not using my own pc and things I usually do without thinking now take a lot of thought! The journey down was event free. We spent a couple of hours wandering Southsea at Portsmouth on Monday night while waiting for the ferry, and took pics of hovercraft and Southsea Castle. I didn't think of taking pics in France until we got to the fantastic bridge at Nantes but we were travelling too fast in the traffic stream to do it.  When we reached Angouleme, I thought Isabella wouldn't recognise it now.
 The pic above was taken in one of the little towns between Angouleme and Brantome (and yes I know there should be a little half triangle above the vowels, but I haven't a clue where to find it on this pc) and is typical of the mix of ancient and modern, garish and elegant facades on any main thoroughfare of the region. I'll try and include more pics as I get to know this pc!
 Typically, the weather at the mill can’t make its mind up what it wants to do, but it is far warmer than it was back home, so that’s a boon. It’s midday and the indoor temperature is 19.5 degrees. Outside, it is warmer, especially in the sunshine. Trouble is, clouds have a nasty habit of sailing in from the west and immediately the temperature drops! We travelled approximately 700 miles to get here, but it is worth it.

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