Friday, 4 May 2012


Durham Cathedral from the east
This week I have done no writing at all. Six social engagements in one week and  everything has gone to the dogs!
The meetings were all great fun, (and I've just remembered there is another one tomorrow - a coffee morning to support someone who is cycling from Panama to Costa Rica for medical charity) but I couldn't do this amount of socialising on a regular basis and write as well.

Dorothy Dunnett once said that she couldn't write if she was doing a lot of socialising - after all, she said, it all comes out of the same tap. I am full of admiration for authors who write with children playing in the same room - I know I couldn't do it.
So - now I'll have to knuckle down and re-read a few chapters to get back in the groove before I can start. That's part of the problem - come out of the imaginary world for too long and I forget where I was when I was last in it!

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